3 h for convulsions and 12 0 h for HHEs (p = 0 001) Of the 6542

3 h for convulsions and 12.0 h for HHEs (p = 0.001). Of the 6542 AEFIs, 4164 (63.7%) were classified as severe. The proportion of severe cases ranged from 32.9% to 85.7%, depending on the state. The use of the acellular DTP vaccine was indicated and the vaccination schedule was altered accordingly in 3666 (65.0%) of the 5636 AEFIs cases for which such data were available (Table 1). Of the 5925 AEFIs associated with DTwP/Hib vaccine for which the outcome

was known, 5916 (99.8%) were cured—5832 (98.4%) without sequelae; 84 (1.4%) with sequelae—and 9 (0.2%) Cabozantinib order evolved to death temporally associated with DTwP/Hib vaccine. The most common AEFIs during the study period were HHEs (34.3%), fever (30.0%) and convulsions (13.1%), together accounting for 73.4% of the AEFIs reported. Events such as anaphylactic shock, purpura and encephalopathy accounted for small proportion of the sample (Table 2). The rate of reported Topoisomerase inhibitor AEFIs during

the study period was, on average, 44.2 cases/100,000 doses administered (Table 2), although the mean rate varied widely from dose to dose: 63.7 cases/100,000 first doses; 47.9 cases/100,000 second doses; and 21.0 cases/100,000 third doses. The rate of reported HHEs and convulsion was, respectively, 15.2 and 5.8/100,000 doses administered, the risk of such AEFIs becoming progressively lower over the course of the vaccination schedule, as was the case for other types of AEFIs (Table 2). The rates of AEFIs associated with DTwP/Hib vaccine varied widely from state to state, ranging from 4.9 to 146.5/100,000 doses administered (Fig. 1). Among the states, the rates for HHEs and convulsions ranged, respectively, from 1.6 to 73.3/100,000 doses administered and from

1.1 to 19.6/100,000 doses administered. The overall rate of severe AEFIs associated with DTwP/Hib vaccine was 22.2/100,000 doses administered, ranging Resminostat from 5.3 to 96.5/100,000 doses administered among the states. Using the AEFIs reference rates established by Martins et al. [13], respectively, 1/1,744 doses for HHEs and 1/5,231 doses for convulsions the mean sensitivity of the passive SAEFI for AEFIs associated with DTwP/Hib vaccine, at the national level, was 22.3% and 31.6%, respectively, for HHEs and convulsions. However, in the state-by-state analysis, the sensitivity of the PSAEFIfor AEFIs associated with DTwP/Hib vaccine ranged from 3% to 100% for HHEs and from 5% to 90% for convulsions, showing the region-dependent heterogeneity of its performance. We found that the rates of reported AEFIs associated with DTwP/Hib vaccine correlated positively with the HDI (r = 0.609; p = 0.001), with the coverage of adequate prenatal care, defined as seven or more visits (r = 0.454; p = 0.017), and with the coverage of DTwP/Hib vaccination among infants less than one year of age (r = 0.192; p = 0.337). However, the rates of reported AEFIs associated with DTwP/Hib vaccine correlated negatively with the infant mortality rate (r = −0.537; p = 0.004).

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