Figure 3 Peptide quantitation of proteins expressed by C and S MA

Figure 3 Peptide quantitation of proteins expressed by C and S MAP strains under iron-replete conditions: Reporter ion regions (114 – 117 m/z) of peptide tandem mass spectrum from iTRAQ labeled peptides from the (A) 35-kDa major membrane protein (MAP2121c) and (B) BfrA, and the intergenic regions of MAP1508-1509 and MAP2566-2567c. Quantitation of peptides and inferred proteins are made from relative peak areas of reporter ions. Several unique peptides (>95% confidence) were mapped to each protein. However,

mTOR inhibitor only one representative peptide is shown for each protein. Peptides obtained from cattle MAP cultures grown in iron-replete and iron-limiting medium were labeled with 114 and 115 reporter ions, respectively. Peptides obtained from sheep MAP cultures grown in iron-replete and iron-limiting medium were labeled with 116 and 117 reporter ions, respectively. The peptide sequences and shown in the parenthesis and the red dashed line

illustrates the reporter ion relative peak intensities. MAP2121c alone was upregulated in the sheep MAP strain under iron-replete conditions. As expected, transcripts identified as upregulated under iron-replete conditions in C MAP strain were also upregulated in the proteome (Table 3, Additional file 1, Table S10). There was increased expression of five ribosomal proteins and a ribosome releasing factor (MAP2945c) by cattle MAP under iron-replete conditions. As previously reported, BfrA was upregulated in cattle MAP (Figure 3B). Antigen 85A and MAP0467c (mycobacterial heme, JNJ-26481585 utilization and degrader) were also upregulated. However, MAP0467c and other P505-15 manufacturer stress response proteins were downregulated in the S MAP strain (Figure 4). Figure 4 Proteins expressed by type II MAP under iron-replete conditions: Proteins upregulated in cattle MAP strain whereas downregulated in sheep strain in the presence of iron. Fold change for each target is calculated Calpain and represented as a ratio of iron-replete/iron-limitation.

A negative fold change represents repression and a positive fold change indicates de-repression of that particular target gene in the presence of iron. MhuD = mycobacterial heme utilization, degrader; USP = universal stress protein; CHP = conserved hypothetical protein; MIHF = mycobacterial integration host factor; CsbD = general stress response protein Identification of unannotated MAP proteins We identified two unique peptides (SSHTPDSPGQQPPKPTPAGK and TPAPAKEPAIGFTR) that originated from the unannotated MAP gene located between MAP0270 (fadE36) and MAP0271 (ABC type transporter). We also identified two peptides (DAVELPFLHK and EYALRPPK) that did not map to any of the annotated MAP proteins but to the amino acid sequence of MAV_2400. Further examination of the MAP genome revealed that the peptides map to the reversed aminoacid sequence of MAP1839. These two unique proteins were not differentially regulated in response to iron.

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