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Ths s consstent wth the general repressoof phosphorylatoand the actvty within the glutamatergc process medated by PCnhbton.addtoto a specfc enrchment of these 99 protens wth neuronal functons, 38 are associated with neurologcal dsease wth 21 related to psychologcal dsorders.Specfcally, 9 protens are assocated wth schzophrena, 7 wth depressve dsorder, 15 wth mood dsorder, and 3 wth psychoss.Ths consequence suggests that for several protens prevously noticed to assocate wth neurologcal dsorders manly by genetc studes, changes protens phosphorylatomay contrbute for the underlyng mechansms of these dseases.PCmodulates nhbtory neural transmssoprmary cortcal neurons Changes phosphorylatoof membrane ochannelshave beeshowto effects alterations ther channel propertes and neuronal exctabty21, we went oto test f, immediately after prolonged nhbton, the ntal alterations phosphorylatoevents calead to protelevel changes a number of critical molecules formng the exctatory and nhbtory synapses.
The Shank protens are scaffold molecules that help the morphologcal ntegrty of postsynaptc densty, the important thing construction selelck kinase inhibitor within the exctatory synapsABA A receptors are lgand gated chlorde channels that type the bass in the nhbtory synapse.Membrane enrched lysates of cortcal neurons taken care of wth ether PCor MK801 had been analyzed by mmunoblottng wth antbodes aganst quite a few synaptc protens, showFgure 6A and 6B.MK801 s one more nocompettve NMDA receptor antagonst BIIB021 thathas smar pharmacologcal results as PCP.Neurons treated wth PCor MK801 for 15 mnutes present no transform any of your protens examned.Threehours of treatment caused dowregulatoGABRA1 and GABRA3 receptors, and dramatc uregulatoShank protens the membrane fracton.No modify NR2B subunt within the NMDA receptor s identified.The enrchment of synaptc protens s demonstrated by comparng the total neuronalhomogenate wth the membrane fractousng GABRA1 receptor.One potental knase that carecognze the prolne drected phosphorylatoste GABRA3 s CKD5, whose sgnalng node was identified tohave modified phosphorylaton.
We for this reason examned the level of membrane bound CDK5.Treatment

wth PCor MK801 for ether 15 mnutes or 3hours dd not consequence apprecable adjust CDK5, suggestng the level of CDK5 mght not be responsble for the modifications GABRA3 phosphorylaton.To check thehypothess that phencycldne may affect the functoof natve GABA receptors, we performed electrophysologcal recordngs of GABAergc synaptc transmssocultured cortcal neurons.At 14 16 days vtro, these neurons form functonal exctatory and nhbtory synapses and exhbt robust postsynaptc currents response to actopotentals.agreement wth prevously publshed observatons39, we identified that the presence of exctatory AMPA and NMDA receptors blockers CNQX and A5, sngle actopotentals elcted typcal GABAergc nhbtory postsynaptc currents.

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