The etiology of the ischemic ACB necrosis

The etiology of the ischemic ACB necrosis find more in this dog was not determined. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first report of a dog with idiopathic ischemic ACB necrosis. Idiopathic ischemic necrosis should be included as a differential diagnosis for dogs with lameness and destructive and expansile ACB radiographic lesions. An excellent functional outcome may be attained by means of ACB excision and pancarpal arthrodesis.”
“Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) is a distressing urologic disorder. We describe a new technique that adds a third layer of closure during vaginal repair of VVF.

Twenty female patients with low VVF were

included. A circumferential incision was made around the fistula that was completely excised. A rectangular vaginal flap was created just proximal to the site of the fistula. After closure of the urinary bladder, the distal edges of the vaginal flap were dissected and it was mobilized and interposed between the bladder and the vagina. Then the vagina was closed.

The mean follow-up was 16 +/- 9 months. All of the patients are dry. None of them had any added morbidity due to the procedure. There are no postoperative complications.

Vaginal click here flap reinforcement during vaginal repair of VVF is a simple and effective technique with high success rate and no added complications.”
“Purpose: To evaluate

the effects of standard and optimal electrocardiographic (ECG) pulsing on diagnostic performance, radiation dose, and cancer risk in symptomatic patients in a “”real-world”" Selleckchem CH5183284 clinical setting.

Materials and Methods: The institutional

review board approved the study, and all patients gave informed consent. Dual-source computed tomographic (CT) coronary angiography was performed in 436 symptomatic patients (301 men, 135 women; mean age, 61.6 years +/- 10.6 [ standard deviation]; age range, 23-89 years) referred for conventional coronary angiography. Standard and optimal ECG pulsing was performed in 327 and 109 patients, respectively. The diagnostic performance of dual-source CT coronary angiography for detection of significant stenosis (>= 50 luminal diameter reduction), with quantitative coronary angiography as the reference standard, was reported as sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, and positive and negative likelihood ratios. The mean effective radiation dose, additional fatal cancer risk, and age- and sex-specific cancer risks related to one CT coronary angiographic examination were determined from data averaged over the study population.

Results: Mean effective doses with standard and optimal ECG pulsing were 14.2 mSv +/- 3.2 and 10.7 mSv +/- 3.6, respectively. Optimal ECG pulsing resulted in a 43% overall reduction in mean effective radiation dose and cancer risk compared with a nonpulsing protocol (18.8 mSv +/- 3.

965Fe0 035WO4 under applied magnetic fields above 3 6 T At zero

965Fe0.035WO4 under applied magnetic fields above 3.6 T. At zero field, this compound shows a transition into the spiral magnetic and ferroelectric phase Selleck SCH772984 at 12 K, and it becomes paraelectric

at 10.5 K with the entrance into the commensurate magnetic phase, which is the ground state at H=0. Under magnetic field above 3.6 T, however, the spiral magnetic phases with a larger FE polarization reappears below 6 K. The re-entrant magnetic/ferroelectric phase behavior is further studied by single crystal neutron scattering and the H-T phase diagram is completely resolved from neutron, dielectric constant, polarization, and magnetic measurements. (C) 2009 American Institute of Physics. [DOI: 10.1063/1.3079865]“
“Background: The current treatment of hematologic malignancies includes diverse potentially cardiotoxic chemotherapy agents, including high-dose myeloablative regimens used in autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). Many of these treatments could induce left ventricular dysfunction (LVD), and limit their efficacy. Angiotensin-converting enzime inhibitors and beta-blockers prevent LVD and prolong survival after infarction, and recent animal and pilot clinical studies suggest that they can prevent the development of chemotherapy-induced cardiac toxicity.

Methods: This is a prevention, parallel-assignment, randomized, controlled, clinical efficacy study. Ninety patients recently diagnosed find more of acute leukemia or undergoing

autologous HSCT and with normal LV ejection fraction will be randomized to enalapril and carvedilol or to the control group. Echocardiogram and a cardiac magnetic resonance imaging studies will be performed at baseline and 6-9 months after randomization. The primary efficacy endpoint is the change from baseline in LV ejection fraction. Secondary endpoints include the assessment of LV volumes and diastolic function, and the incidence of death, heart failure, or LVD.

Conclusions: The OVERCOME study will be the first clinical trial to test the preventive efficacy on LVD of combined treatment with enalapril

and carvedilol administered to patients with hematologic malignancies submitted to current treatment with intensive chemotherapy. (J Cardiac Fail 2011;17:643-648)”
“Aims and Objectives.To describe the level of knowledge, attitudes, and self-reported RepSox research buy quality of practice in pain assessment among nurses of Mainland China and explore links with current hospital pain policy and continuing education.

Background.Knowledge is necessary for skilled pain assessment among nurses. Little is currently known regarding knowledge, attitude toward, and self reported pain assessment by nurses from Mainland China.

Methods.Quantitative research and cross-sectional convenience sampling assessed nursing knowledge, attitude, and practice among 101 nurses working in high-level hospitals in Mainland China.

Results.81.2% of nurses participating in the survey were from high-level (level three) hospitals in Mainland China. 24.

59; P= 001) In logistic regression, a lower educational level (o

59; P=.001). In logistic regression, a lower educational level (odds ratio [OR] 5.13; 95% confidence interval click here [CI] 0.80-33.29), diabetes (OR 3.15; 95% CI 0.81-12.28), a previous mood disorder (OR 4.22; 95% CI 1.12-15.86), and depression (OR 7.82; 95% CI 1.58-38.71) were independent factors predicting suicidal thoughts (R-2 = 0.39%). The 23 depressed acute stroke patients with suicidal thoughts were similar in demographic, clinical, and lesion variables, and were similar in profile of depression to the 63 patients with depression but without suicidal thoughts, except for a higher frequency of a previous mood disorder

in the former group (Chi-square 7.87; P=.01). Conclusions: Suicidal thoughts may develop shortly after the onset of acute stroke, especially in patients IWR-1-endo mouse with a lower educational level, a previous mood disorder, and those who developed depressive symptoms in the acute phase of stroke. The high frequency of suicidal thoughts makes the assessment of suicidal behavior in patients with acute stroke

an important clinical issue.”
“Background: Rate control is an acceptable alternative to rhythm control in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation (AF).

Hypothesis: The aim of this study of AF patients was to understand the correlation between their exercise capacity and both heart rate (HR) and HR variation index during exercise.

Methods: The exercise capacity of 85 male patients with chronic AF was measured using a cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPX). Within this population, we compared the exercise tolerance of patients with a normal chronotropic response (maximal HR 85%-115% that of the maximal age-predicted HR during CPX) to those whose HR response exceeded this range. Two similar comparisons were made by dividing the subject population according to (a) whether or not

their HR variation index (HRVI) during CPX exceeded 10 bpm/min, and (2) whetter their HR during the 6-minute walk test exceeded no bpm.

Results: Patients with an HRVI not over 10 bpm/min showed higher maximal oxygen uptake compared to patients with a higher HRVI (26.7 +/- 6.1 vs 22.8 +/- 4.8 mL O(2)/kg/min, P = 0.002) and a longer distance walked during CPX (705.6 +/- 200.3 vs 520.9 AZD5582 cell line +/- 155.5 m, P < 0.001). No other significant influence on exercise capacity was seen. Multivariate regression analysis revealed that both the body mass index and the HRVI during CPX were independent predictors of the maximal oxygen uptake.

Conclusions: 3etter HRVI control on CPX was correlated with better exercise capacity in patients with chronic AF.”
“The heating of perfluoro-3,3-diethylindan-1-one with SbF(5) at 180 degrees C after treatment of the reaction mixture with anhydrous HF afforded perfluoro-1,3-dimethyl-4-ethylisochromen, and after hydrolysis, perfluoro-1,3-dimethyl- 4-ethyl-1H-isochromen-1-ol. The latter under the action of NaHCO(3) converted into 5,6,7,8-tetrafluoro1,3-bis(trifluoromethyl)-1H-isochromen-1-ol.

“Achieving a desirable percutaneous absorption of drug mol

“Achieving a desirable percutaneous absorption of drug molecule is a major concern in formulating dermal and transdemal products. The use of penetration enhancers could provide a successful mean for this purpose. The aim of this study was to develop Clotrimazole gel and to evaluate the effect of almond oil

and tween 80 (in different concentrations), on the permeation of drug through rabbit skin in vitro. In order to investigate the effect of penetration enhancers used in this study on the permeation of Clotrimazole through sections of excised rabbit skin, Franz diffusion cell was employed. Sample solution was withdrawn at specific CX-5461 purchase time interval up to 24 h. Significant difference in permeation among the eight formulations was seen in the study. The permeation profile of various formulations also showed that the added enhancers in individual batches affected the permeation of the drug. Drug permeation increased with increased concentration of Tween 80 and decreased concentration of almond oil. Furthermore, almond oil combined with tween 80 showed synergistic effect. The clotrimazole gels were successfully formulated and could be beneficial for topical use.”
“Aim. We sought to investigate

the prevalence and correlates of severe left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) in relation to age in a large cohort of essential hypertensives referred to a single outpatient hypertension clinic. Methods. A total of 3752 (mean age 53 +/-

13 years, 53% Selleckchem Sepantronium men) untreated (29.5%) and treated hypertensive patients categorized in three age groups (I: 18-40 years; II: 41-64 years; III: >= 65 years) were considered for this analysis. All patients underwent extensive investigations searching for target organ damage. LVH, defined as LV mass >= 49/45 g/m(2.7) in men/women, respectively, was graded as mild, moderate and severe according to Lang’s report. Results. LVH prevalence was 29.4% in group I, 48.2% in group II and 63.6% in group III. Overall, more than one fourth of patients with LVH had a severely increased LV mass index; the likelihood of having severe LVH was two-and four-fold higher in elderly hypertensives than in their middle-aged and young counterparts, Selleckchem Tucidinostat respectively. Increasing age and LVH degree were both associated with a greater prevalence of concentric LV geometry as well as of extra-cardiac organ damage (i.e. carotid intima-media thickness). Conclusions. LVH is a highly prevalent organ damage in essential hypertensives, particularly in the elderly, who exhibited a more severe increase of LV mass index, higher relative wall thickness and extra-cardiac organ damage compared with young and middle-aged sub-groups. Our findings suggest that the assessment of cardiovascular risk by grading LVH rather than simply defi ning the presence/absence of this cardiac phenotype could improve therapeutic strategies in the hypertensive population, particularly in the elderly.

Conclusions: Young women with breast cancer face complex decision

Conclusions: Young women with breast cancer face complex decisions regarding their fertility and treatment options. Survival remains the priority for

the majority of women. Although there is a paucity of evidence concerning many fertility issues, it is essential that available options and any potential risks are discussed in a coherent, objective fashion. Early referral to specialist fertility services that provide clear, cohesive advice can aid informed decision making. Copyright (C) 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.”
“We characterized allelic variation at barren inflorescence2 (bif2), a maize co-ortholog of the Arabidopsis PINOID protein kinase (PID), and tested for trait associations with bif2 selleck chemicals llc in both an association mapping population of 277 diverse maize inbreds and in the inter-mated B73 x Mo17 (IBM) linkage population. Results from the quantitative analyses were compared with previous reports of bif2 phenotypes in mutagenesis studies. All three approaches (association, linkage, and mutagenesis) detect a significant effect of bif2 on tassel architecture. Association

mapping implicates bif2 in an unexpectedly wide range of traits including plant height, node number, leaf length, and flowering time. Linkage mapping finds a significant interaction effect for node number between bif2 and other loci, in keeping with previous reports that bif2;spi1 and Bif2;Bif1 double mutants produce fewer phytomers. The Mo17 allele is associated with a reduced tassel branch zone and shows lower expression than the B73 allele in hybrid B73-Mo17 F(1) inflorescences, consistent with the complete absence of tassel branches in the bif2 knockout BIRB 796 clinical trial mutant. Overall, these data suggest that allelic variation at bif2 affects maize architecture by modulating auxin transport during vegetative and inflorescence development.”
“BACKGROUNDThe immobilization of biomacromolecules on carbon nanotubes

has attracted considerable attention. Based on the specific affinity between concanavalin A (Con A) and glycosyl, and the ability of alkyl polyglucoside to disperse single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), a new self-assembly immobilization strategy is developed.

RESULTSUsing laccase (Lac) and horseradish peroxidase (HRP) as models, it is demonstrated SB525334 concentration that this new self-assembly immobilization strategy has obvious advantages over the direct adsorption immobilization strategy in enzyme loadings ( 1.34-fold (Lac) and 1.46-fold (HRP) higher) and in the specific activity ( 5.06-fold (Lac) and 4.77-fold (HRP) higher). Circular dichroism (CD) spectra and fluorescence spectra also indicate that the present new indirect immobilization strategy has less impact on the enzyme conformation compared with the direct adsorption strategy. For the catalytic oxidation of dibenzothiophene (DBT), the immobilized HRP prepared using the present self-assembly strategy was more effective than that using the direct adsorption strategy.

“While recommendations for the duration, frequency, mode a

“While recommendations for the duration, frequency, mode and OSI-744 molecular weight intensity of exercise programmes for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are specified in consensus statements, criteria for exercise session attendance are less clear. The review questions were: (i) how commonly are a priori criteria and attendance rates reported for people with COPD participating in exercise programmes and (ii) what is the strength of association between attendance and improvements in functional exercise capacity. Database searches identified primary studies of people with COPD participating in exercise or pulmonary rehabilitation programmes

of at least 2 weeks duration. Primary outcomes were a priori criteria for attendance, reports of attendance at supervised exercise sessions and mean improvements in functional exercise assessments. Data extraction processes were confirmed prospectively (>80% agreement). Variants of exercise attendance data were described. Linear associations between attendance and improvements in exercise outcomes

were explored (Pearson r, P<0.05). Of the 234 included studies, 86 (37%) reported attendance and 29 (12%) provided a priori criteria for attendance. In the small sample of studies which reported attendance and functional exercise data before and after the intervention, there was little to no relationship between improvements this website in functional exercise capacity and training volume (prescribed r=-0.03, P=0.88; attended r=-0.24, P=0.18). Reporting of exercise programme attendance rates is low and SGC-CBP30 in vitro of variable quality for people with COPD. Consistent and explicit reporting of exercise attendance in people with COPD will enable calculation of dose-response relationships and determine the value of a priori exercise attendance criteria.”

Successful varicose vein surgery

depends on accurate assessment and identification of veins. We report clinical experiences with a simple, rapid method of detecting varicose veins using indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescence video venography.


ICG percutaneously injected into the great saphenous vein at the ankle or into the ligated end of veins in 20 patients with varicose veins was used as the optical tracer agent. Intraoperative ICG imaging was performed using a laser-fluorescence imaging device.


ICG fluorescence venography was performed without any adverse effects. The imaging device provides unparalleled visualization of varicose veins during vein ligation, phlebectomy, and stripping.


This method enabled easy, safe, and accurate diagnoses, simplified the search for veins during the operation, and minimized surgical invasiveness in varicose vein surgery. The system has great potential as a navigational technique for phlebologic diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins. Further research and development to improve its utility are suggested.

Distribution of WEMWBS responses, internal consistency, test-rete

Distribution of WEMWBS responses, internal consistency, test-retest reliability, construct validity, and factor structure were assessed.

Only 4 (out of 14) items of Dinaciclib purchase the initial Spanish version were not rated as conceptually and linguistically equivalent to the original and were modified.

The final version was clear and comprehensible. Global score’s Cronbach’s alpha (0.90), item-total score correlations (0.44-0.76), and test-retest ICC (0.84) were all satisfactory. Moderate to high correlations (r = 0.45-0.70) were observed between the WEMWBS and validity scales. Preliminary confirmatory factor analyses did not support the hypothesis of a single factor.

A conceptually equivalent Spanish version of the WEMWBS was obtained with high internal consistency, good test-retest reliability, and similar construct validity as the original instrument. Further validity and factorial studies are necessary in larger and more heterogeneous samples.”
“The differences in drain current and drain voltage (I(d)-V(d)) characteristics selleck chemicals of top and bottom contact organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) are analyzed by an OTFT devices simulator, which makes it possible to derive I(d)-V(d) characteristics, potential distribution, and hole concentration distribution by solving Poisson’s equation and current

continuity equation. It is found that the intrinsic characteristics of top contact devices are superior to those of the bottom contact ones, which is usually believed to be due to poor contact characteristics

RXDX-101 nmr and poor semiconductor quality of bottom contact OTFTs. The mechanism behind the intrinsic characteristics differences is the deficiency of carriers at the source-channel interface, resulting to a very high potential drop, which the bottom contact devices suffer more. Remarkable improvements in drain current are expected by only inserting high carrier concentration region around the source/drain contact area, which totally eliminates the potential drop. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3309935]“
“Heat shock proteins act as molecular chaperones, facilitating protein folding in cells of living organisms. Their role is particularly important in parasites because environmental changes associated with their life cycles place a strain on protein homoeostasis. Not surprisingly, some heat shock proteins are essential for the survival of the most virulent malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. This justifies the need for a greater understanding of the specific roles and regulation of malarial heat shock proteins. Furthermore, heat shock proteins play a major role during invasion of the host by the parasite and mediate in malaria pathogenesis. The identification and development of inhibitor compounds of heat shock proteins has recently attracted attention. This is important, given the fact that traditional antimalarial drugs are increasingly failing, as a consequence of parasite increasing drug resistance.

[doi:10 1063/1 3638071]“
“Evenepoel P, Sprangers B, Lerut E,

“Evenepoel P, Sprangers B, Lerut E, Bammens B, Claes K, Kuypers D, Meijers B, Vanrenterghem Y. Mineral metabolism in renal transplant recipients discontinuing cinacalcet at HSP990 clinical trial the time of transplantation:

a prospective observational study. ?Clin Transplant 2011 DOI: 10.1111/j.1399-0012.2011.01524.x. (C) 2011 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Abstract: Background: The calcimimetic cinacalcet is approved for treating secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis. Biochemical profiles and clinical outcomes in patients discontinuing cinacalcet at the time of transplantation are scarce. Methods: We performed a prospective observational cohort study, including 303 incident renal transplant recipients, of whom 21 were on cinacalcet treatment at the time of transplantation. Parameters of mineral metabolism and incidence of parathyroidectomy and nephrocalcinosis in patients discontinuing cinacalcet at the time of transplantation patients (cinacalcet +) were compared to cinacalcet-naive patients (cinacalcet ). Mean follow-up was 35.6 +/- 15.8 months. Results: At the time of transplantation, parameters of mineral metabolism

were similar in both groups. Conversely, at month 3, serum ionized calcium (p = 0.0007), calcitriol (p = 0.02), biointact parathyroid hormone (p = 0.06) levels and urinary fractional excretion of phosphorus (p = 0.06) were higher, PF-562271 price while serum phosphorus levels (p = 0.06) were lower

in cinacalcet +. Analysis based on matching at the time of initiation showed that the course of post-transplant mineral metabolism in cinacalcet-treated patients (median treatment period 12.5 months) vs. cinacalcet-naive patients was identical. Cinacalcet + patients are characterized by a high-incidence proportion of both post-transplant nephrocalcinosis (45% at month 3) and parathyroidectomy (28.6%). SGC-CBP30 cell line No difference in renal function was observed between cinacalcet + and cinacalcet- patients. Conclusion: Cinacalcet does not affect the course of secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients awaiting kidney transplantation. Biochemical profiles and a high parathyroidectomy rate suggest rebound hyperparathyroidism in renal transplant recipients discontinuing cinacalcet at the time of transplantation, which may be related to the short exposure time specific to this population. Risk/benefit studies are urgently required to define the role of continued calcimimetic treatment in renal transplant recipients and to determine the optimal treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients listed for transplantation.”
“Preictal, ictal, and postictal oscillations in the basal ganglia were analyzed. Five persons with temporal lobe epilepsy who were candidates for surgery had diagonal depth electrodes implanted in the basal ganglia: four of them in the putamen, and one in the pallidum and caudate. Time-frequency and power spectral analyses were used to analyze the EEG.

The present findings indicated the combined exposure of DEL and T

The present findings indicated the combined exposure of DEL and THIA showed genotoxic and cytotoxic effects more than those of individual

exposure of DEL or THIA in rat bone marrow cells. (c) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Environ Toxicol 28: 524-531, 2013.”
“The inductor in a power supply is required to be capable of dealing satisfactorily with the high-current supply and to improve the power loss characteristic. A novel glassy metal powder with a GSK923295 supplier chemical composition Fe(77)P(7)B(13)Nb(3) features both a high saturated magnetic flux density of 1.3 T and a low coercive force of 2.0 A/m, which has a stable amorphous structure suitable for glassy metal composite cores. Hence there is no magnetic saturation even under a high-current supply, and it is confirmed to have significantly low magnetic loss resulting from the low coercive force. As a result of using the glassy metal alloy Fe(77)P(7)B(13)Nb(3) powder in an inductor core, we have achieved improvement in power supply efficiency by up to roughly 2.0%. Moreover, the

reduction in the standby power requirement by the improvement in the power supply efficiency in the low load current case, where the core loss occupies a high ratio in the entire loss, can be expected. Additionally, heat generation in a core is suppressed by using the low loss powder, and it becomes easy to design a temperature rise in the entire power supply circuit. (C) 2009 American Institute of Physics.

[DOI: 10.1063/1.3059613]“
“The relationship SNS-032 between blood pressure and headache CHIR-99021 chemical structure in youth has not been explored and the objective of the present study was to provide data on this association in an adolescent population. Cross-sectional data from a large population-based survey, the Young-HUNT study, on 5,847 adolescents were used to evaluate the association between blood pressure (systolic, diastolic, mean arterial and pulse pressure) and recurrent headache, including migraine and tension-type headache. Increasing pulse pressure was inversely related to recurrent headache prevalence, and both tension-type headache and migraine. For systolic blood pressure such an inverse relationship was present for recurrent headache and tension-type headache prevalence. For migraine, the results were not significant, although there was a tendency in the same direction (p = 0.05). High-pulse pressure has previously been found to be inversely related to the prevalence of migraine and tension-type headache in an adult population. This inverse relationship has now been demonstrated to be present among adolescents also, supporting the results from a previous study in adults, that blood pressure regulation may be linked to the pathophysiology of headache.

Thirteen AUS revisions were made and device malfunction accounted

Thirteen AUS revisions were made and device malfunction accounted for 95% of the cases. Kaplan-Meier analysis showed more than 90% of AUS malfunction occurred less than 100 months from the time of implant. There was a significant decrease in pad use (3.6 to 0.2 pads per day; p < 0.01). The continence JNK-IN-8 mouse rate with no pad use was 70% and this increases to 83% in patients wearing one precautionary pad.

AUS is a safe, durable and effective salvage option for females with previous failed anti-incontinent surgeries.”
“Aims: The treatment of locally

advanced pancreatic cancer varies enormously both within the UK and internationally. Although chemoradiation is the treatment of choice in the USA, in the UK this modality is used infrequently because of concerns regarding both its efficacy and its toxicity. We reviewed our experience with induction chemotherapy and selective chemoradiation in an attempt to show that it is a well-tolerated treatment that may be superior to chemotherapy alone.

Materials and methods: Case notes of patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer referred to the Velindre Cancer Centre between I March 2005 GSK621 and 31 October 2007 were reviewed. Data on patient demographics, turnout characteristics,

treatment and overall survival were collected retrospectively. Toxicity data during chemoradiation were collected prospectively. Patients who had non-progressive disease after 3 months of chemotherapy were planned for chemoradiation using three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy to a total dose of 4500-5040 cGy in 25-28 daily fractions with gemcitabine as a radiosensitiser.

Results: Of the 91 referrals, 69 (76%) were fit for active oncological treatment; 43/69 (62%) patients were considered for induction chemotherapy followed by chemoradiation and 16/43 (37%) patients received BMS-754807 chemoradiation. The median overall survival for patients receiving primary chemotherapy (n = 26) was 9.2 (6.8-11.9) months and was 15.3 (11.6-upper limit not reached) months for patients who received chemoradiation (n = 16). During the induction chemotherapy 8/16

(50%) patients experienced grade 3/4 toxicity and there were five hospital admissions. During chemoradiation there were 6/16 (37.5%) cases of grade 3/4 toxicity and two hospital admissions. There were no treatment-related deaths. Overall, 94.5% of the intended radiotherapy dose and 84% of the concurrent chemotherapy dose was delivered.

Conclusions: In this UK network, about half of patients were considered for chemoradiation, but only 18% received it. Survival and treatment-related toxicity are consistent with data from other chemoradiation trials and in our series chemoradiation was tolerated better than chemotherapy alone. This supports the view that ‘consolidation’ chemoradiation is a viable treatment option that should be considered in selected patients with locally advanced non-metastatic pancreatic cancer.